Negotiations on the constitution of the new Foundation

Emilio Pisani obtained an appointment with Gabriele Virili, to whom he asks for advice on the idea of ​​setting up a Foundation to entrust the Valtortian heritage (the heritage was inherited and owned by the CEV). Gabriele Virili, considered an expert in the field of Foundations and Associations, is an accountant from Terni who purchases many copies of Maria Valtorta’s work from the CEV to make the work known . In the meeting, which takes place in Rome, Virili confides to Pisani that he too wanted to create a Foundation that has the purpose of promoting the knowledge of the Valtortian work. The agreement raised spontaneously to create the “Maria Valtorta Foundation” together with the donation of the Valtortian heritage by the CEV and a liquid heritage by Gabriele Virili. Negotiations for the draft of a Statute begun immediately, negotiations that presented recurring difficulties, up to causing long interruptions over time, due to details desired by Gabriele Virili and not shared by Emilio Pisani.