The Heritage Foundation is constituted

The CEV srl, Emilio Pisani and his spouse Claudia Vecchiarelli, after having drawn up a new Statute, constitute the Heritage Foundation with a public deed, which they call “Fondazione Maria Valtorta CEV” having been deprived of the authority, if not the right, to call it “Foundation Maria Valtorta “. With a new public act of October 28, 2010 , the Statute undergoes an adjustment, following which the Revenue Agency registers the Foundation in the Onlus Registry (non for profit). On 29 June 2011 the Prefecture of Frosinone registered the Foundation, which became a non-profit organisation, in the register of legal entities, after Emilio Pisani had illustrated a written report with the substantial differences between its aims and those of the Foundation of the same name, which was recognised by the Prefecture of Lucca without having obtained the status of non-profit organisation.