Emilio Pisani’s email

Emilio Pisani sends Gabriele Virili, and CC to Ernesto Zucchini, the following message by e-mail:

Dear prof. Virili,

I wish you all the best for the Foundation, from whose constitution my wife and I dissociate for an obvious reason. Therefore we will not be co-founders, we will not be among the administrators, we will not host the legal office here. For a common sense of justice and charity, I ask you two favours: 1) to change the name of the Foundation, so that the name of Maria Valtorta is reserved to be used by the Foundation that will collect her Heritage; 2) that the article on the Purpose is reformed and, as a consequence, point b) about the Activities is deleted. The article on the Purpose required a long work of mine, which has reached a good synthesis in its current form, which I would like to be able to use exclusively. The two changes, which I ask as a favours, are easy to implement on your side and on Don Zucchini’s part.

One more favour. Some time ago I sent you, at your request, a photocopy of two very confidential documents. I never knew, nor did I understand, how they could be used for. I trusted you and sent them to you. I still trust and ask you, simply, to destroy those photocopies and leave no trace of them. Thanks for everything.

Emilio Pisani

This is the obvious why they have withdrawn: Virili and Zucchini, rejecting the legitimate requests of Pisani and Vecchiarelli, had set up a Board of Directors that puts in minority the members of the party that would have conferred to the Foundation the Valtortian heritage of the CEV. The e-message of Emilio Pisani remained unanswered.